We make things happen

It is amazing how much luckier the homeowner is who lists his or her property with an action oriented real estate agent. Good luck just seems to follow the seller who has the hardest working agent. He or she always seems to be lucky enough to sell for a better price and to endure fewer inconveniences than the homeowner who has listed with a passive agent.

An agent with an aggressive marketing plan can save a home seller a lot of time, earn a lot of money for him or her, and eliminate a lot of aggravation. If you are thinking of selling a home, seek out an active agent!

We guarantee that our marketing plan is one of the most aggressive in the real estate industry. We give you our plan in writing, and if we don’t perform as promised, you will have the right to cancel the listing agreement.

Thank you for your consideration. You are appreciated!

Presented by Larry Cirnigliaro Real Estate Broker CRIA President CEO
Coastland Realty, Inc., California
E-mail: LarryC@agents.househunt.com
eBusiness Card / My Home Page
CA# 01186227


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