Worried about Asbestos in your home? Then read this

I’m worried about asbestos in my home. What can you tell me?

A. Asbestos was once used for everything from fireproofing to Christmas decorations. For nearly a century, asbestos was everywhere.

By the time scientists discovered the danger, it was too late. Asbestos was already in more than 700,000 buildings in the US. If you have an older home, you’ve probably got some asbestos somewhere in it and you need to know the associated risks.

Asbestos is deadly. Even a small amount of exposure could leave you with mesothelioma – thousands of people contract the disease yearly.

DIY repairs can be fun and economical, but do not handle asbestos on your own, and do not go looking for it. This is strictly a job for professionals.

Asbestos was used in homes to fire-proof objects and as insulation in walls. It was also used extensively in ceiling products. You may think that if you have asbestos in your home you have to immediately get rid of it. That’s not necessarily the case. The main danger from asbestos is when it gets disturbed.

The fibers are tiny and when they get into the air, they can easily be inhaled. That’s why you need a professional to remove it. They have the necessary equipment for the job and know how to take the right precautions.

If you’re planning any kind of remodeling that requires breaking into walls of moving air ducts or insulated plumbing, call in a qualified professional to advise you as to how to safely and correctly handle the job.

I’d be more than happy to discuss this further with you and answer any questions you may have. Just give me a call.


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