Clean Kitchens – Cut Calories

A new study indicates that dirty, cluttered and chaotic kitchens can make you consume more unhealthy snacks.

Cluttered and chaotic environments can cause stress, which can lead us to grab more of the indulgent snacks – twice as many cookies according to this new study!

In the study conducted at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, women were asked to wait for another person in a messy kitchen – clutter everywhere, dirty dishes in the sink, and the phone ringing. There were bowls of fresh carrots and bowls of cookies sitting out.

They ate twice as many cookies compared to women in the same kitchen when it was organized and quiet. In total they ate 53 more calories from cookies in 10 minutes time. Very few of the carrots were consumed.

The scientists theorize one reason the women in the cluttered kitchen ate more calories is that a chaotic environment can make you feel you have little control over anything you do – and eating sweet, sugary treats make us feel better, even if only for a moment.

Although the study was done with women, the belief is that the findings would be the same for men.


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