5 reasons to own a home today!

Daily Real Estate News | Skyrocketing rents are not the only reason to own a home. Here are the top 5 reasons why owning a home makes good sense:

1. Tax breaks. The U.S. Tax Code lets you deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage, your property taxes, as well as some of the costs involved in buying your home.

2. Appreciation. While year-to-year fluctuations are normal, median existing-home sale prices have increased on average 6.5 percent each year from 1972 through 2005, and increased 88.5 percent over the last 10 years, according to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

3. Equity. Money paid for rent is money that you’ll never see again, but mortgage payments let you build equity ownership interest in your home.

4. Savings. Building equity in your home is a ready-made savings plan. And when you sell, you can generally take up to $250,000 ($500,000 for a married couple) as gain without owing any federal income tax.

5. Freedom. The home is yours. You can decorate any way you want and benefit from your investment for as long as you own the home.


Misconceptions Keep First Time Home Buyers Out of Market

MarketWatch | Since the recession, first-time home buyers, who’ve made up around 40 percent of all buyers, have been shrinking. In 2015, they made up just under 30 percent of the market share, according to the National Association of REALTORS®.

The culprit seems to be a lack of knowledge about low-down payment programs such as those available by the Federal Housing Administration.

Consumers believe on average that they need 16 percent for a down payment in order to qualify for a mortgage, but in reality, homes can be purchased with as little as a 3 percent down payment.

Rules enacted in 2015 that decreased the amount of mortgage insurance borrowers must pay on FHA loans and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lowering down payment minimums may have boosted first-time participation slightly, say housing analysts.

If you have any questions about purchasing a home, please contact me today. I’m able to help you find the right home and help you secure the right financing.

Pricing Correctly!

Without a doubt, the most important part of selling a home is pricing it correctly. If a home is priced too low, the seller receives a smaller than deserved net proceeds check. If a home is priced too high, it will not receive the attention needed to attract 100% of the buyer pool. The end result will be a low sales price.

When given the opportunity to represent you in the sale of your home, we dedicate a great deal of time and effort to help you price your home correctly.

We thoroughly research the prices buyers have been willing to pay for houses like yours, and share this information with you. It is our responsibility to give you the guidance and education you need to accurately price your home.

It is a responsibility we do not take lightly!

Health Tips: Chew Gum – Prevent Heartburn

Millions of Americans suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), the chronic backsplash of acid into the esophagus, more commonly known as heartburn. Heartburn can ruin a great meal in no time and the intense burning is enough for you to reach for the closest antacid.

However, research shows that there might be an easier way to stop heartburn in its tracks. And it doesn’t involve popping a pill – not even a supplement.

In a recent study, researchers fed people meals that induced heartburn. After the meal, subjects chewed gum for 30 minutes. Researchers then measured acid pH levels.

The people who chewed gum had significantly lower acid levels. The lack of acid offered heartburn relief. Gum chewing reduced acid for up to three hours.

Chewing on a piece or two of gum, it seems, helps force fluids back into the stomach and flood the esophagus with alkaline saliva, neutralizing acids that cause the characteristic burning sensations.

Chewing gum stimulates the salivary flow rate so any acid that accumulates in the gut is washed away and cleared more quickly.

Heartburn is usually a result from eating too much food, too fast. Your stomach then pushes the acid back up into your esophagus. The saliva induced by chewing gum neutralizes the acid and pushes it back down to where it belongs.

Antacids are the most common form of treatment for heartburn. You don’t need a prescription and they are usually effective in relieving pain. But they also come with severe side effects.

Extended use of antacids may actually worsen your condition. They are also known to cause constipation, diarrhea, and mineral deficiencies. But worst of all, long-term use of antacids can potentially cause kidney failure and osteoporosis.

Chewing a piece of sugarless gum is safe and effective. No side effects. And you get the extra benefit of helping to prevent cavities by doing it.

But remember that most sugarless gums contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose and those have their own list of side effects.

Most health food stores carry sugar-free gum that uses xylitol as a sugar substitute. Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in plants, fruits, and vegetables.

It is made from birch wood and used as medicine or as a sweetener. Gum sweetened with Xylitol may cost you a little more, but it’s natural and worth it.

So, the next time you start to feel that awful burn, chewing gum may be one of the simplest and safest ways to prevent and control heartburn.

What can you tell me about a power of attorney to sell real estate?

Q. What can you tell me about a power of attorney to sell real estate?

A. A document called a ‘power of attorney’ can be used to close a real estate transaction when the seller is incapable of doing so himself. The giver of the power of attorney is called the Principal. The receiver is generally called the ‘attorney in fact’ and is given the right to act on behalf of the principal, for the purposes and functions spelled out in the legal document.

There are two types of Powers of Attorney:

1. General Here, the principal authorizes the attorney in fact to take any and all actions as if the principal was taking them himself. This is also known as a Durable Power of Attorney. Some states will not permit real estate to be conveyed by a General power of attorney.

2. Specific Here, power of attorney is given for one specific purpose, which could be to close on a home and nothing else. The specific instructions are contained in the legal document, and the attorney in fact has no authority to exceed those instructions.

If you plan to sell your house, and find yourself in the situation where one party in title will not be available to sign contracts, deeds or other legal documents pertaining to the sale, it is best to have your attorney draw up a Power of Attorney that meets your needs, as well as the legal requirements in the State where your property is located.

The principal may want to put a time limitation on the Power – for example one or two months. However, with a durable power of attorney, the principal normally does not place any such limitations. The purpose of a durable Power is to assure that in the event the Principal becomes incapacitated, his attorney in fact will be able to step in without having to go to Court.

I’d be more than happy to discuss this further with you and answer any questions you may have. Just give me a call.

How valued are walkable neighborhoods?

REALTOR® Magazine | Walkable mixed-use neighborhoods across the country are growing in popularity, with buyers valuing close access to entertainment areas, public transit, and job centers, all without having to rely on a car. A home’s walkability is not only increasingly important to buyers, it’s shown to be a factor in raising home values.

“One of the best sources of evidence of the value of walkability is home values,” MarketWatch reports, “and some new evidence confirms that walkability adds to home values, and also shows that walkable homes have held and increased their value more even in turbulent real estate markets.”

A neighborhood’s walkability is a big draw for potential buyers. In NAR’s Community Preference Survey, 60 percent of respondents said they preferred to live in a neighborhood with a mix of houses and businesses that are within walking distance.


There is a direct correlation between a home’s emotional appeal and its final sales price. Homes that appeal to a buyer’s emotions usually sell for a higher sales price and with fewer inconveniences.

When you give us the opportunity to market your home, one of our first priorities is to help you make it as emotionally appealing as possible.

Thank you in advance for giving us that opportunity! You are appreciated.

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