A Different Resolution

There’s no point in making New Year’s resolutions that you aren’t going to keep anyway. So, why not try something different to boost your happiness and revitalize your life. Here are some suggestions:

Get your picture taken in five interesting places. Visit five interesting places you’ve always wanted to see and make a visual record by making sure you get a photo of yourself taken in each place. How about inside an igloo in Alaska or on the Great Wall of China. Inside a volcanic crater or floating in the Dead Sea. The opportunities are limitless.

Break a record. Make this the year that you break a record! You could aim at breaking a personal fitness record or, if you want to aim a little higher, set your sights on a world one. With lots of diverse (and bizarre) records there for the taking, this may not be as difficult as you think. Check the Guiness Book of Records for some great ideas.

Make a new friend a month. Friends are great for your health, and the more you have of them the better. So, why not make it a New Year’s resolution to expand your social circle. Try to make one new friend a month by making a conscious effort to attend more social events, chat to strangers and get introductions to friends of friends. Making friends with people with different personalities and interests from you can be particularly beneficial in helping you to broaden your horizons, explore different sides of your personality and find new ways to get the most out of life.

Develop a good relationship with your body. Many traditional New Year’s resolutions center around improving our bodies in some way, whether by taking up a diet or joining a gym. But how about a resolution to start to love the body you’ve got instead. While this doesn’t mean you can’t make changes to your diet and fitness regime, it does mean starting to love who you are in the process. Work on improving your body confidence by focusing on the things you do like rather than those you don’t.

Learn something you never learned as a child. You may run your own company, pay your own bills and parallel-park like a pro, but do you know how to do a handstand or ride a bike? For this New Year’s resolution it’s time to nurture your inner child and learn that thing that you never learned to do. Whether it’s the number of days in each month, how to spell ‘necessary’ correctly, how to ride a bike or swim, we all have something we never learned as a child that everyone else seems to know. Have some fun by redressing this gap in your knowledge. Your younger self would be proud!

Try a new food each week. Rather than cutting out foods from your diet as with so many New Year’s resolutions, opt to add more foods in to your diet next year instead. Many of us don’t eat a varied enough diet, so ensure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs – as well as enhancing your enjoyment of food – by making a resolution to try a new food each week. Try hitting the fruit and veggie aisle first to sample some exotic fruit and vegetables you may have yet to try.


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