Shopping Sears? Here is the right way.

Sears has changed over the years. The catalog is gone and much of its “inventory” is only available online. Still, if you know what you’re looking for, Sears can still be a great place to find a bargain. Here are some tips to get the best deal.

Back before computerized cash registers, the last two digits of a price spelled out the status of an item. Today, you can still use this method to figure out what kind of a deal you’re getting.

A price that ends in 99 cents is either not on sale or a planned, advertised sale price. You can still get good discounts on these items, but these prices are planned by the retailer to last through certain sale days.

A price that ends in 88 cents is harder to find, but usually a better deal. It signifies a closeout item and usually a price that’s lower than it’s ever been on sale. If you see an 88-cent price, don’t wait for it to go any lower. It’ll stay that cheap until it sells out.

A price that ends in 97 cents means the item is clearance merchandise. It’s the lowest price you’ll ever see, but keep in mind that it’s likely on clearance because it’s old stock or discontinued. Popular, big-ticket items rarely go on clearance. It’s more common on smaller items, like odd-size clothing and unique tools.

Finally, a price that ends in 98 centsis an indicator that an item isn’t eligible for additional discounts. Often, this is due to a marketing agreement with the manufacturer, requiring retailers to agree to a lowest advertised sale price.


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