Live In A National Park? Yes you can!

Yes, you can live in virtually any one of America’s great national parks because they all include some amount of privately-owned real estate within their boundaries.

Buy a home inside a National Park and you’ll acquire the usual benefits of property ownership along with proximity to some of the most inspiring landscapes and fascinating wildlife populations in North America. Park ecosystems range from valleys and plains to mountains and forests. The National Park Service (NPS) safeguards selected ecosystems in every corner of the country.

Pretty much every park unit in the NPS system has private property within the boundary. For lands that the government does not own, local zoning applies. In any park boundary established by legislation, there is government-owned property and fee-owned or privately-owned property.

The National Park Service does not monitor those private properties and they are not in the real estate business. Privately-held land within a Park is sold in the same way every other parcel of real estate in the country is sold – either directly by its owners or through a real estate brokerage. Owners have the same rights of ownership as residents anywhere and can bequeath their property, sell it or even gift it as they wish. Renovation and construction is subject to local bylaws and regulations.

The NPS does not sell or make available for sale, publicly-owned park land. On the rare occasion when land would be sold, federal legislation would be required and the property would be put up for public auction.


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