Smart Home Security Checklist

Daily Real Estate News | The growing number of smart-home devices in houses has begged the question of security. These devices can be particularly vulnerable to hackers who may want to break in to home owners’ private networks.

We’ve highlighted some quick tips below that will help keep Smart Home Devices less vulnerable to hackers.

Click here for an entire Smart Home Safety Checklist:
Reset privacy and data sharing settings to reflect your preferences. For example – data collection and sharing, camera and microphone settings and other device functions.
Obtain confirmation from previous occupants and vendors they no longer have administrative or user access.
Reset access and guest codes for gates and garage door openers.
Update and modify all system passwords and user names upon taking possession of your new home or rental unit. Where possible create unique passwords and usernames for administrative accounts.

Presented by
Larry Cirnigliaro
Real Estate Broker CRIA President CEO
Coastland Realty, Inc., California
714-394-6649 | EMAIL | WEBSITE | CA# 01186227

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