Incredible Internet Exposure

In the new millennium, the computer influences nearly every aspect of our lives. The process of selling a home is no exception. In excess of 80% of today’s homebuyers use a computer in their search for a new home.

Real estate websites are among the most powerful marketing tools available to the modern Realtor, and yet, there are thousands of agents nationwide who are still not Internet savvy.

When choosing a real estate agent to market your home, please give consideration to the Internet exposure being offered by the individual being interviewed. There is often a direct correlation between the amount of World Wide Web exposure provided and the final sales price received.

When given the opportunity to sell your home, we guarantee, in writing, that it will be exposed on multiple websites. Your home will be presented to the world using the most effective, most professional electronic formats available to the real estate industry.

Presented by
Larry Cirnigliaro
Real Estate Broker CRIA President CEO
Coastland Realty, Inc., California
714-394-6649 | EMAIL | WEBSITE | CA# 01186227

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