Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

The kitchen is the focal point in most houses. It’s where tasty things happen and people want to gather. You can spend virtually limitless money to make them look great. But if you don’t have the big bucks there are still many far less expensive ways to make your kitchen look fabulous. Here are a few.


Super clean and declutter. This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how even the most posh-looking kitchen can be cheapened by needless clutter and dirty dishes and appliances. It costs nothing to buff, polish and organize. Start there.
tradition-white-kitchen-island-storageUse white. White works. White is clean, open, invigorating, something you really want in a kitchen — and it goes with anything. It’s also a great backdrop to colored accessories. A white kitchen with carefully chosen accents looks rich.
kitchen-flooring-vinyl-or-linoleum-3m8yveysCreate a floor. You don’t have to spend a fortune on imported tile or wood to get a great looking floor. Vinyl flooring has come a long way and it’s inexpensive. Vinyl flooring is available in virtually any color or pattern you can imagine and can even imitate other more expensive materials, such as hardwood, tile or marble. It’s also very easy to clean.

modern-kitchen-chandelier-designs-and-kitchen-lighting-design-ideas-pictures-images-2016Light it up. Here again, your choices are only limited by your imagination. Think outside the box. Who said you can’t hang a chandelier in the kitchen? Nothing looks cooler than a grand, crystal fixture hovering over a laid back breakfast table.

Add Wallpaper. You don’t need a lot. One papered wall is a great accent. You can also line a hutch, china cabinet, or kitchen drawer with it. This little detail will add a pop of pattern and color to often overlooked spaces and won’t break the bank.

Hood the range. There are few kitchen appliances that are as eye-catching as a stylish range hood. If you have the space and the budget, this is a piece that’s worth the splurge.

Contemproary-Industrial-KitchenGo Industrial. Check out industrial tables and professional fittings. They are a guaranteed way to bring real authenticity to your kitchen. Swap out your generic sink faucet with a restaurant style for an instant update and a great look.

Upgrade the hardware. Hardware is like earrings for your kitchen cabinetry. It delivers a major bang for your buck and comes in every style imaginable. If you do nothing else, changing hardware will make a huge difference.

vintage-turkish-kilim-rug-kitchen-marbleAdd a Vintage Rug. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to buy an unsightly kitchen-specific rug or mat. Treat this room like you would any other and introduce a beautiful, durable textile right by the kitchen sink.

Hang Art. Visitors are always gathering around the kitchen, so why not give them something unexpected to look at? Adding a small collection of casual art pieces creates an instant focal point for conversation.

panoramic-kitchen-decor-in-modern-penthouse-designed-interestingly-with-purple-flowers-to-color-the-bright-interiorCreate an Arrangement. When it comes to your kitchen table arrangement, go for drama. Arrange a series of potted plants, flowers, and branches in the center of your kitchen just like you would find in your favorite restaurant, hotel, or store.


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